Interactive Installation, 2010
Wooden rocking chair, Arduino, FSR sensors, interactive animation, projection

Interactive sound/video installation, 2010

A rocking chair is fitted with an Arduino Microcontroller, accelerometer, and two force-sensing resistors (FSRs)
in order to manipulate sounds and images. If the user rocks steadily enough and provides even-pressure on the
FSRs over a period of time, the images/sounds are descrambled to reveal a video.

*Music by Flying Lotus

A balance between stasis and motion is constantly being challenged until the user lets go of their concentration.
Upon first sitting down, the user sees ribbons/blades of light that move with the rhythm of the chair.
A series of still video frames are cycled through the background when one of the FSRs is pressed with
too little or too much force. The correct amount of force maintains a steady image and decreases the level
of visual cacophony.
 All three sensors have tangible control over both the image and sound, however this
control is never so direct that one sensor clearly controls only one aspect of the experience.
Through experimentation the user must determine an appropriate “choreography” of sensory input.
Serene, steady rocking combined with relaxed pressure on the buttons will ultimately distract the user from
their immediate surroundings. In turn this will descramble the image to reveal the film and music.

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