An interactive video triptych in portraits. A visitor navigates the abstracted audio-visual narrative
with their gaze. Each frame leads down a different path; enabling infinite permutations.
The experience of displaced control alludes to a dream.



Sound Installation, 2011, co-created with Miriam Simun
Passive Infrared and Sonic Range Finder Sensors, Arduino, Max/MSP, 8-Channel Original Audio Content

21% invites visitors to influence a sound collage in collaboration ‘with’ the trees they walk amongst, as well as with other visitors to the space.

The installation took place on October 16, 2011 at the Switched-On Garden in Bartram’s Gardens, Philadelphia, PA.

Interview with MOD MTV Brazil


New Interface for Musical Expression, 2011
Performance with four saxophones, laptop, roving handheld speakers, and soundproof box.

A saxophonist can never hear the true sound he makes with his instrument.

Plexiglas Sound Cage physically manifests this dilemma for the audience. [more]



Site-specific performance/sound-intervention, 2011

Three alto saxophones, two muted trumpets, acoustic guitar
Thousands of commuters pass over the Manhattan Bridge every day.  As soon as the train exits the tunnel, signal is restored to cell phonesand faces immediately drop into their devices, ignoring the spectacular view of New York that can beseen only from this vantage point.N-Train Traverse is a sound-intervention that prompts commutersto appreciate the view.  The composition is based on modular themes that are cued by specific views from the bridge, integrated into the visual score.
Commuters thus watch the skyline as it is played by the musicians.

(5 min)
Stop-motion film, 2011
Co-created with Michael Ercolini

Adapted from the short story by Cornell Woolrich.


Collage, 2011

A comic collage based on the original story/screenplay Y-Rod.
Panels are constructed using the golden ratio.
Installation features proximity sensors that trigger the sounds of radio broadcasts.


Interactive Installation, 2010
Wooden rocking chair, arduino, FSR sensors, interactive animation, projection
A synesthetic experience whereby the user cannot discern exactly which of their senses is perceiving any particular stimuli. Only steady rocking descrambles sound and images to reveal a cinematic narrative.
A balance between stasis and motion is constantly being challenged until the user let’s go of their concentration. [more]
Upon first sitting down, the user sees ribbons/blades of light that move with the rhythm of the chair.
A series of still video frames are cycled through the background when one of the buttons is pressed with too little or too much force. The right amount of force maintains a steady image and decreases the level of visual cacophony.
 All three sensors have tangible control over both the image and sound, however this control is never so direct that one sensor clearly controls only one aspect of the sketch.
Through experimentation the user must determine an appropriate “choreography” of sensory input.
Serene, steady rocking combined with relaxed pressure on the buttons will ultimately distract the user from being aware of their immediate surroundings. In turn this will descramble the image to reveal the film/music and facilitate the synesthetic experience. 

Interactive Installation, 2010
Moss, wood, glass, arduino

Living moss is embedded with electronics that complete a circuit when touched by human hands, producing the sound of a sitar and tambura.


Documentary Film, 2009
Co-created with Michael ErcoliniDocumentary about Jazz legend Sony Simmons.

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